Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colbie Caillat covers Pussycat Dolls' DON'T CHA!

"Music is for you to listen to and forget about your worries!"

says Colbie Caillat, whose 2nd album BREAKTHROUGH debuted at #01 spot in the Billboard Hot 200 Album chart.
The first single, Falling for you is currenlty one of my favorite song to date and has the highest hits on my Imeem profile!

What so exciting about her new album is that it has full of catchy acoustic songs and has a collaboration with other artists like Rob Thomas and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart!

She's also squeezing a very unlikely track, "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. Her own version is more soulful like a Marvin Gaye-style but retains the sexy vibes of the song. To know what Im talking about u can stream the song here:

Other artists such as Boyce Avenue did an amazing cover of Colbie Caillat hit single REALIZED, listen it here.

try also this:
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  1. Hmmmm...She looks yummy ha DONT CHA!

  2. I like colbie, simple and yet her voice is cool.

  3. Nice cover!
    But I like her to stick in her own genre.

  4. @Kablogie: sinabi mo pa. she even looks like mariah carey on that pic! :)

    @Yen: Thanks sa pagcomment! :D

    @timberboy: she still sounds the same on her new CD. She only covered this one for fun and i think she did a great job! Tnx for commenting! :D