Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lady Gaga: Manggagaya?

Lady Gaga is famous for two things: her chart topping dance songs and her wacky fashion sense. She was even labeled by fashionista's around the world as a style icon and innovator in the fashion world.

But Irish singer ROISIN MURPHY called Lady Gaga a fraud, and says she stole her look. "She copied my style. I met her about a year ago before she got really big and I had no clue that this was all going to happen." Murphy said.

She was just furious that the American songstress claims that all those oversized hats, thigh high boots, sexy skimpy dress are all part of her original sytle. "She was just a poor imitation of me!".
But later on Murphy issued a statement insisting that she was just misquoted, that some press made a fabricated context on her comments and has really no plan to involve herself into a feud with Lady Gaga.

Hmmn...true or false- here's a pix of the two artists and its up to you to judge if Lady Gaga is really copying the style of Roisin Murphy:
Anyway, since were talking about cover songs here - watch this latest performance by Lady Gaga covering the COLDPLAY classic Viva La Vida in an amazing piano acoustic rendition.

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  1. i don't even know who Murphy is. haha

  2. Miski nga si lady gaga, imagine diko kilala, haha (petiks talaga ako, wehehe)


  3. @Badong: Actually ako rin ha ha!..

    @Yanie: nice comment ha? lol!...daan ka lang uli! :}

  4. Unang ginawa ko after reading this is to check who the hell Murphy was... :)

    Deadma kung gaya-gaya man o hindi si Lady G. Basta ako, Nora Aunor all the way! haha