Friday, September 18, 2009

SUSAN BOYLE takes a Rolling Stone Classic

Look who's creating a big buzz in music tinseltown- its Susan Boyle!...

Eversince she appeared in Britain's Got Talent earlier this year, Boyle has become one of the world's most celebrated regular people and inspired many by pursuing her dream of becoming a professional in the entertainment field that mostly rewards the young and the beautiful.
And just recently, she sang the Rolling Stones hit, "Wild Horses" (the first single from her upcoming album, I DREAMED A DREAM out this November) on the US TV show, America's Got Talent. I managed to watch her performance in YouTube and WOW- she was totally amazing! Not only did Susan looks fantastic, her singing and charisma was so moving. She held that crowd in the palm of her hand like few other performers I have seen and heard. I was also impressed that she still looked like herself, and I love the intro as well. It showed the honesty, determination and strength of character she has, as well as a reaching out on a very basic level to anyone who has struggled with life experiences.

Click the play button to hear how phenomenal she is:

Her rise has given the music world an interesting new personality and music lovers a chance to embrace yet another pretty voice...
Hope to hear her lovely voice for many many years to come. :D

On the other hand, the song Wild Horses has a lot of versions done by other artists. These are the noted ones:

Dave Mathews Band- Wild Horses

Guns N' Roses- Wild Horses

Jewel- Wild Horses

Garbage- Wild Horses

The Sundays- Wild Horses

and another personal favorite: Alicia Keys and Adam Levine unplugged version of the song:

try also this:

Susan Boyle profile
Roxette still rocks!
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