Sunday, September 20, 2009


There's a lot of buzz going on in the entertainment world lately...

There's the very successful comeback album of my all-time fave diva Whitney Houston, the inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres as the new judge of American Idol, the 2009 VMA Music Awards brou haha, the amazing US TV debut of internet sensation Susan Boyle, the death of a great actor Patrick Swayze, Chris Brown's ala Boy George drama...and the latest, the freshest chizmax from the web, the split-up of
pop rock superstar Avril Lavigne and her husband for three years, Deryck Whibley from Sum 41. (Read the details here.)

And speaking of Avril Lavigne, she has a quite good collection of cover songs, and I like it very much coz she work it acoustically and "owned" it. Click the play button and hear what i mean:

Adia (original by Sara Mclachlan)

You were mine (original by Dixie Chicks)

Knockin on heaven's door (original by Guns N' Roses)

Here's an Avril Lavigne original song, her hit single "Complicated" was covered by one of my fave acoustic indie artist BEN GIBBARD.

On the positive side, Avril Lavigne new album is expexted to be released this November. :D

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