Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NOBODY by Wondergirls (Cover Acoustic)

After touring with the Jonas Brothers last June, it seems that these Korean girls are ready to spread their wonder in the US music scene. Even entertainment blogger Perez Hilton noticed them and says, "They're so fabolous!..i luv it!".

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLES writes, "Powered by catchy groove, an all-out marketing frenzy and a wildly addictive internet dance craze, the teenage divas known as the Wondergirls are all set to conquer America!". (Watch their music videos dito.)
And in case you care about their latest activities/US tour dates, just click it here.

But the main feature of this post is of course the awesome acoustic cover of their signature hit, NOBODY. This one is shared by one of my Imeem friend and according to her this was also covered by a Korean!...And personally, mas feel ko ang version na 'to.

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