Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cover Picks

For days, I always trying to figure out the best way to add an audio file to my blog. I landed on some blogs with MP3 players within their post and wonder how they do it.

But thanks to Divshare, inserting an MP3 songs in my blog posts is more easier and accessible which is very important on my part since I run a blog about music. The song can now be played with an MP3 player without leaving the window. It also streams faster and better so i think that's just so cool.

For a test drive, i'll posts three of my favorite cover songs here. Just hit the play button and enjoy!

Enrique Iglesias- Stand by me (Ben E. King cover)

Girlyman- My Sweet Lord (George Harrisson cover)

Eli- Morning has broken (Cat Stevens cover)

try also this:
Fresh Akuztik
Marie Digby/Miley Cyrus


  1. Bilib naman ako sa tyaga mong magsaliksik about musik..

  2. @Kablogie: sinabi mo pa hi hi!...salamat! :}