Sunday, April 18, 2010

21 GUNS (Musical version)

First heard this in PBB Teen Clash of 2010 edition the other night...Every time I listen to it- it just speaks to me and it’s like a drug to my ears.

If you haven't heard this yet, I recommend you to check it out!...This is the new version of Green Day's hit song which features the cast of American Idiot The Musical. It’s very emotional grabbing, beautiful, and the vocals are so well done! It makes me want to see the musical really badly.

(21 guns)



  1. i like 21 guns, but this rendition brings it to a different level.. i dont watch PBB, so this is the first time i heard this.. thanks for sharing..

  2. @pmm012: tnx for the comment paolo!...if u want, pwede mo download kantang to, klik mo lang ang divshare icon para sa link! :D

  3. always refreshing to hear pop songs sang in a different way like what they do in glee....I think I like the version to....oldo never watch this show. I think I show try it too like I am soo addicted with glee right now....

  4. just finished listening to the song... wow!!! ang ganda... thanks for this.

  5. huwat? they ruined the 21 guns of greenday. di ko masyadong gusto. sensya na, paborito ko kase tong kanta e.

    ps: sorry ulit. hahaha

  6. @pusang kalye: nanonood ka rin ng glee?...actually ako rin! :D

    @gillboard: salamat at nagustuhan mo! :D

  7. @Pablong Pabling: oks lang yun paps!...kanya-kanyang taste naman talaga yan! :D