Friday, April 30, 2010

ONLY YOU by Joshua Radin

Singer Joshua Radin takes me back to Simon and Garfunkel. He has that laid back sound that reminds me so much of the 1960's. Enjoy so much listening to his beautiful soft voice singing mellow lyrics & great acoustic vibes.

Tonight, I'm going to have a glass of wine while listening to Joshua Radin's beautiful melancholy love songs!...Listen to the sample below &
see if Joshua Radin is "for you" also.

"All I needed was the LOVE you gave

All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew, ONLY YOU..."

(Originally performed by Yazoo)

try also this:

Joshua Radin and Meiko: SKY



  1. medyo nakakaantok... but still a great song.. hehehe.. i like..

  2. actually mas feel kong pakinggan ang cd nya while am laying in my bed!...:D