Saturday, April 3, 2010

FAITHFULLY by Matt The Electrician

Matt the Electrician is a folk singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. His own rendition of JOURNEY's classic hit Faithfully makes me want to hear more music from him.



  1. It's everything I had hoped the new Peter Gabriel cover album was going to be, but wasn't.

    Wonderful find, vonfire.

    Boyhowdy, Cover Lay Down

  2. Almost forgot: if you like this cover and want to hear more, then you HAVE to check out both his version of Paul Simon's Duncan, and his version of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl". The latter is here:

  3. omg!...bowhowdy commented on my blog?!...that feels great man!

    wow! what can i say?...thank u for ur time to dropped by here. You know, ur site Cover Lay Down is one of my fave and i can tell that its also tha main reason why im into blogging particularly about cover music!

    Regarding Matt The electrician, i really dig this dude! Its just sad that his work is not available here in the Phils...but tnx to the power of the web, at least we had chance to check out great artists like him who has limited released in terms with their cd's/album. I already check out his other songs in Youtube and I feel like screamin that this guy should be on the mainstream and the charts!!

  4. I also want to get this chance to thank you for linking my blog in ur Cover Lay Down site. I dont know if I am good enough to be compared to the other sites in ur blogroll- but all I want to insinuate now is my deep appreciation to be included in ur great site!

    Again, a million thanks!!! :D

  5. ang cool namna ng version nya---di masyadong masakit sa tenga.not that ayoko nung kay Arnel Pineda pero syempre---this is a refreshing version---yun

  6. to pusang kalye: ur right, very refreshing nga ang version na to. Parang kumakanta at naggigitara lang siya sa beach!

    salamat sa pagdaan at pagkomento! :D

  7. Von add kita sa blogroll ko! Maraming salamat sa mga selection ng songs mo!ayos!

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