Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sa first entry ko dito sa COVER CORNER blog, I decided to feature an ICON na talaga namang maraming naiambag sa music industry. And that's no other than the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON.

I grew up with his music. Naalala ko i even tried to moonwalk like him. Halos lahat yata ng kanta niya ay alam ko pero sino nga ba ang hindi?...

Michael Jackson created a new dimension in amazing entertainer na tanging sya lang ang nakakagawa. A true Music legend no matter what people say about his personal life. I have great respect for MJ and for his work, and I know that people who judge him can never achieve what he achieved in his short life. He is a genius. His work excelled all the negative publicity he got towards the end of his life.

This is a playlists of Michael Jackson's previous hits kung saan nirevived ng iba't-ibang artists ang kanyang kanta tanda ng kanilang respeto at paghanga sa kanyang talento as a performer.

Just click the titled playlists:

A tribute to a king: Michael Jackson
MJ cover songs

Other links:
Jamie Foxx & Neyo's tribute to the King of Pop: "I'll be there" (BET Awards 2009)

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