Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm kinda obsessed with Miss SUSANNA HOFFS right now!...Yeah, ive been listening to her music all day!
Siguro kung 'bato' sya, tamadong-tamado na ko!
Hoffs is an incredibly talented musician/singer with an eternal beauty. Anyone who has ever grown up listening to her has fallen in love with her, myself included. Feel free to stream her music below:

EVERYTHING I OWN (BREAD COVER) love this cover! I really have found great pleasure in her music!

CINNAMON GIRL (NEIL YOUNG COVER) great collaboration with Matthew Sweet. This is like the 60th time I'm listening to this song today!

Repost: ALL I WANT (LIGHTNING SEEDS COVER) i adore this acoustic performance. This makes Susanna as the most beautiful women to ever sing behind a microphone! =)


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