Tuesday, May 11, 2010


caught my attention when I first heard their rendition of Taylor Swift's Today was a fairytale and I’ve been a fan ever since.
I would say that they are the Boyz II Men of this century- soulful, flawless voice and has a great magical harmonies. Actually, they got voted the #1 popular R&B group on YouTube when they post their song covers.

To know how great they are, listen to some of their songs below:

NEED YOU NOW (Lady Antebellum cover) this is what u got when a country song turn it into rnb...

DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING (Alicia Keys cover) great cover

Hopefully, a major label will take notice and sign AHMIR so the world can hear their music.



  1. not to compare, but i like this better than the baseballs...

    have no idea how the original sounded, but this cover was awesome!!

  2. If u want to hear pure talent then u should listen to AHMIR. If only i have a recording company, ill definitely signed them! :D