Thursday, December 3, 2009


My music player is on shuffle mode when suddenly the song Vincent by JOSH GROBAN came out. That gave me the idea to feature him here in Cover Corner.

So here it is!...THE BEST OF

YOU RAISED ME UP by Brian Kennedy
It makes u cry the moment u hear it but it really lifts you up.

BROKEN VOW by Lara Fabian
another tearjerker song. better than the original!

VINCENT by Don Mclean
i really love this song and it's one that i love singing myself!...Josh gives this song a new deeper meaning.

MY DECEMBER by Linkin Park

hearttouching!...not better than LP but great in his own way.

TO WHERE YOU ARE by Richard Marx
my favorite cover from josh! its so rich and full and beautiful!


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  1. I also like Josh Groban's rendition of You Raised Me Up with the African Children. I always search for this song in Youtube.

    Hope you will visit again my site. Thanks