Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crystal Bowersox: My American Idol 2010

American Idol Season 9 finalist CRYSTAL BOWERSOX rocked the house once again with her amazing performance of Janis Joplin's Me and Bobby Mcgee.
She has already won in so many ways!...But i think it would be better if she DIDN'T win, so she can get on with her career, (i.e. DAUGHTRY!). It's just pathetic to sit and listen to her being critiqued by Karen Dioguardi, who is obviously jealous of this gal's talent (I mean, look at the silly song she came up with for last year's winner!!)

Anyway....enough said - I will ALWAYS follow Crystal's career into the future!!!



  1. WOW! She is really good. I love Lacey unfortunately, she is gone..=[

  2. @ Darrel: yah i also like Lacey, she has a unique voice ala Sixpence none the richer. For Crystal, she's the only reason why i still watch AI. Tnk u sa commento! :D

  3. Id go for her or Siobhan. Lily was good too. Too bad she left the competition early.