Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fave ABBA Covers!

Its really hard to ignore the music of ABBA. With their catchy song hooks and simple lyrics, this group from Sweden become one of the most succesful acts in the history of popular music.

The list below featured ABBA songs that covered by other artists. This only shows the deep influence the group has had, and continues to have on popular music around the world.

SUPER TROUPER by Camera Obscura im a huge fan of this group. Everytime they cover a song, it always good and amazing!

CHIQUITITA by Sinead Oconnor i cant believe she covers this one but i like it though

TAKE A CHANCE by Erasure
nice version. i think the rap lyrics added more spice of the song!

by Yngwie Malmsteen just awesome!


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