Saturday, May 19, 2012


THE PIANO GUYS is an American music duo consisting of Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson. They became famous through YouTube where they posted videos of renditions and mashes of popular songs accompanied by professional-looking video clips. Ever since I discovered these amazing musicians, their music has occupied the majority of my playlists. I could fill the page with superlatives and it wouldn't begin to quantify the quality and emotion The Piano Guys put into their music...Videos after the jump:

Absolutely beautiful. I love how their instruments speak and form the words of the artist in a way more beautiful that words can repeat.

what a peaceful melody!! I've lost count of how many times I've listened to this piece!!

Listening to this while doing my homework.....homework is not as bad when you listen to the songs they play!

Stunning!! such moment like this, i really regret that i can't play any musical instrument. =(

This is the greatest thing made by humanity. Ever! Eat your heart out, Lucas!!!

Be sure to check out their other videos on YouTube to get a better understanding of the passion they put into their music.

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