Friday, August 21, 2009

Lisa Loeb is Ageless

I totally blown over when I first heard the song, "Stay (I missed you)" by Lisa Loeb which become her breakthrough hit back in 1994. The song which included in Reality Bites soundtrack- ultimately become a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart earning her the distinction of being the only artists to top the US chart before signed to any record deal. I clearly remember being all anxious about getting her TAILS cassette album as soon as the song "Do you sleep?" hit the airwaves! (Ha ha how's 90s can u get!).

Anyway, I googled our fair lady and found out that she just turn 40 last March.
FORTY!...Tell me she doesn't look practically the same as she did 15 years ago?... And I believe that these photograph were one of her recent image.

Aaah pasensya na! I cant help myself!... You say, I only hear what i want to...(stream dito.)

Punk Rock Cover: NEW FOUND GLORY- Stay

She also did an amazing cover song from Reo Speedwagon:



Lisa Loeb STAY official music video
Lisa Loeb Weds!
Fresh Akuztik


  1. nice info bro. have a nice weekend!

  2. I like the acoustic version of Stay. I miss Lisa Loeb what the hell happen to her?...

  3. Uy crush ko yan si Lisa Loeb! meron ka bang celfon number nya? hahaah

  4. @Life Moto: Hindi ako si santino, isa po akong sister!...pero salamat na din! :}

    @Lene: She hosted a reality show sa E Network in 2006, released an album last year and got married this January. She said in an interview that she wants to have a baby immediately so probably buntis na ngaun ang lola mo! :}

    @Kablogie: Sori kablogie di ako nagkokolek cel no. ng mga girls e!...Salamat sa pagdalaw! :}

  5. buhay pa pala sya!hehehe!medyo naalala ko ang JS prom namin pag naririnig ko yung kanta nya.heheheh

  6. @DRAKE: uy!...Drake!...Salamat! napasyal ka rin sa blog ko! hi hi!...Yah! buhay pa nga si Lisa!..u know just reminiscing the 90's songs! Balik ka ha? :}